Black Sheep Ancestors Page Helps Locate “Interesting” Records

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Some subscribers to have questions concerning ancestors with criminal pasts. While we cannot claim to know everything about the court system,* we can recommend a site that puts degrees of intrigue and interest into anyone’s family history if records are found on the site. is an interesting site devoted to celebrating the ancestors that many families either do not know or who may want to forget. The “do not know about” clause comes from how many families, at the time of the event(s), do not tell children about particular relatives, or else only mention them in passing in such a manner as the family members know not to ask about them. Some relatives become forgotten in this manner, but the story is there to be found.

Information categories on the site include United States, Canadian, and UK records, along with International (pirates and buccaneers). For the United States, searches include prison and convicts, outlaw and criminals, court, executions, and insane asylum searches. For Canada, there are prisons and convicts, biographical black sheep ancestors search, court and execution records. The UK also has similar records.

Biographies on the site include the very famous and a few lesser known criminals, privateers, etc. including but not limited to: Blackbeard, Captain William Kid, Capt. Barbossa (the real story, better than Pirates of the Caribbean), Al Capone, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (again, the real stories), The Black Donnelly’s, Sir Francis Drake, Anne Bonney, Mary Reed, Captain Benito de Soto, Jack the Ripper, etc.

While unable to find any particular records on personal ancestors, it is certain that looking on this site should bring interesting reading and results whether inclusive or not of personal ancestry.

*Searching state, county, and local level court records are a good place to look for information of this manner.

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  1. Jam trying to find a record of my GGG grandfather. His name has been spelled or misspelled as McCajha, Mcajah, Mieraga, an Mcajah Murphy . I know from US Census that he was born in North Carolina in 1811. He died in Denton, Texas ? In 1870-1880.

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