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By Amanda Forson,

Sometimes a question comes to mind about or about a database that may have already been answered previously within a portion of the newsletter. Before asking customer service, a good idea is to check the newsletter:

How to do this:

Day One: Go to the News Tab on the home page.

Day Two: Go to the search area and type in terms that may be in question, such as “Godfrey” or “Searching.”

Day Three: Examine the results that come up from the search. These should include all results for the term, along with whatever other articles are relevant and those articles that may have come along at the same time within the newsletter or the blogs.

Day Four: To quickly examine the hits for the terms in questions, use the functionality provided by CTRL+F and then typing the term into the page and searching for the specific mention of the term. The previous search done on was meant to bring up the specific articles dealing with the term. The CTRL+F gives you the exact locations of the term within the article.

Day Five: If you do not immediately see the answer to your question, check for the answer on the Support/ FAQ page, located near the top right of the page.

Day Six: If those options do not bring the desired results, then ask

Day Seven: Check for more updates on services and information! If there is something in particular that you would like to see in the newsletter, email Have a great week!

Note: can access an archive of the newsletter by clicking on the following link:

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