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We’re Related is a fast-growing application on Facebook that has nearly two million users! Recently We’re Related added functionality to allow you to add ancestor pages.

What is an Ancestor Page?

Of course birth, marriage and death dates are important to know about an individual. Now you can add details to the lives of our ancestors. Using the ancestor pages, you can add a picture of your family member. Then you can post stories and experiences about this individual. The information is archived and shows up in your family tree. For example, when you click on the name of the individual in your family tree, his/her ancestor page will come up showing the information you added.

How do I access the Ancestor Pages?

1. Go to
2. Go to the We’re Related application. (You need to download the We’re Related application for this link to work. If you have not downloaded this application, click here and search for We’re Related.)
3. Click on Family Tree.
4. Add a name to the Family Tree.

4. Click on the name of the individual for whom you would like to create an ancestor page.
5. Have fun adding pictures, stories, etc.

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