A Note About World Collection Subscription Prices From David Lifferth, President, FamilyLink.com, Inc.

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Shown above: David Lifferth, President, FamilyLink.com, Inc.

I wanted to take some time and explain to our members some of the important details of our World Collection. Without this information, our members may not fully appreciate the effort that has gone into creating this new collection on WorldVitalRecords.com.

The launch of the World Collection has taken a long time and we have spent many months working out the financial and logistical details of this important addition to WorldVitalRecords.com. We have struggled with the realities of costs and values that we are providing to our users.

We have tried for almost a year to license some of the key pieces of data that we now have in the World Collection for our regular $49 price. However, we have been unsuccessful in licensing these valuable databases that we want and our customers’ continuously request. We have had to make a difficult choice for our users. Our decision was between either:

A) WorldVitalRecords.com could not include the databases that we could not license for a percentage of our $49 per year subscription cost, or

B) WorldVitalRecords.com had to define a different business model that would allow us to pay a higher licensing fee per user.

We, at FamilyLink.com, Inc., made the business decision to create a new subscription model that allows us to pay a larger portion of a higher priced product in licensing fees to our content providers. This results in a sizable license fee from each $149 subscription fee that we pay to our content partners.

I do want to provide significant revenue for our content partners. It is important to me that we provide financial support for our content partners to help them fulfill their missions in maintaining and developing the valuable and diverse records that we provide access on our site for our subscribers.
The math to make this World Collection on WorldVitalRecords.com a reality is that simple.

WorldVitalRecords.com makes approximately the same profit from a $149 World Collection that we do from a $49 US collection. We are paying a much higher licensing fee to make these databases available on WorldVitalRecords.com.

This was a difficult choice for us, but we have decided to license and develop more expensive content with a higher price point. We hope that users will find the UK Census, European BMD and Land Ownership Records, International Military records, exclusive Australian and Canadian databases to be valuable enough to pay $149. The people that want access to this data will either buy it from us or buy from someone else that is selling it for even more than we are.

We are not taking anything away from our current subscribers. We have “grandfathered” all of the international content that was part of their original $49.95 WorldVitalRecords.com collection. These databases that were part of the original WorldVitalRecords.com collection that have now been moved to the World Collection will still be accessible to that ‘international component’ of your original subscription as long as you are a member.

We want to take good care of our subscribers. We have gotten consideration from our content partners to offer introductory prices as low as we can to give our existing members full consideration for their subscriptions. We consider these membership dollars to be an investment in our company. And every month we try to add value to their membership in every way we can. I want to make every member satisfied with their membership. If we cannot make a subscriber happy, I wouldn’t feel good about keeping their money and we will return their subscription fee.

David Lifferth, President, WorldVitalRecords.com

Note: FamilyLink.com, Inc. was formely known as World Vital Records, Inc. WorldVitalRecords.com is now a service provided by FamilyLink.com, Inc.

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