Wonderbase of the Week: 1891 UK Census

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The Wonderbase of the Week is the 1891 UK Census. The 1891 UK Census is a very important part of the World Collection. Click here to access the database (You must have access to the World Collection to access this database.) Since 1841, the census was taken every ten years in England and Wales. It provides a wealth of genealogical information for someone with ancestors from the Victorian era.

The UK 1891 Census was taken on the night of April 5, 1891 and gave the total population as 28,999,725. It contains the following details for each registered participant: full name, address, relation to the head of the household, marital status, gender, exact age, occupation, parish and county of birth, medical disabilities and employment status. The information given in the census paints a clear and colorful picture of life in 1891.

The transcriptions are posted today for the census and the images will be linked to the transcriptions next week.

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