Wonderbase of the Week: 100 Databases From Archive CD Books Australia

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The Wonderbase of the Week at WorldVitalRecords.com is 100 databases from Archive CD Books Australia and contains material from Australia and New Zealand. These collections include directories, reference materials, family histories, military records, newspapers and court records. Click here to view the databases. (You must be a member to access these records.)
One collection, Australia’s Fighting Sons of the Empire, is a compilation of biographies and photos of many Australian soldiers who fought in World War I. This database includes many significant details of the soldiers’ fighting life. Each entry includes a photograph along with the name of the soldier, where the soldier was born and educated, where and when he enlisted, the places he fought and where and when he came back or, if he died, where he were buried.

Another collection, Extracts from Portsmouth Records contain interesting primary source information from the Portsmouth area in the 1890s. The database contains official and governmental letters, records, accounts, charts, tables and statistics covering a range of useful information for genealogists and historians.

One of the featured collections from New Zealand is the New Zealand PO Directory. This Wise’s New Zealand Directory contains towns, alphabetical, trade and miscellaneous sections which lists the names, addresses and professions of many in New Zealand in 1900. It also includes a street guide for some of the major towns and separate directories for banking, public companies, medical, legal, ecclesiastical, educational, pastoral, municipal and government.
The Archive CD Books Australia has partnered with WorldVitalRecords.com to make these and other databases available online to a wider audience.

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