Receives Great Gratitude Award

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Recently LaRae Kerr announced the Great Gratitude Awards in the Daily Herald, Utah County’s Leading Newspaper, and was a recipient! The Great Gratitude Awards were given to a “barn full of Web sites and one genealogy organization.”

Here are LaRae’s comments from the Great Gratitude Award article about

Another new Web site,, which was launched in October 2006, just three months before, also receives a Great Gratitude Award. This site carries small-town newspapers, the Everton Collection, international parish registers and much more for a great monthly or yearly price. WorldVitalRecords partners with the Godfrey Memorial Library and other organizations. It also provides members with FamilyLink and We’reRelated on Facebook, services that connect families and friends.

Click here to view the entire Great Gratitude Awards article.

On a personal note, I recently met LaRae Kerr for the first time at the St. George Genealogy Expo. LaRae has written in various journals and has been doing genealogy for 48 years! She is very knowledgeable, charismatic, and really cares about helping individuals connect with their families through genealogical work. is honored to receive this award. Thank you, LaRae!

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