Makes 5 Big Site Improvements To Improve User Experience

Posted by on wants to provide a great experience to its users every time they visit the site. Recently made five big site improvements.The majority of these changes have come from feedback from members at and other users of the site. Overall these recent updates have made the site easier to understand, easier to find data, and now provides search results ten times faster than before!

Here are the new improvements:

1. Offers to Members: One of the biggest changes has made recently is that the site is now more dynamic. In the past individuals who signed up for a membership would still receive new membership offers. Now, once individuals sign up for a membership they will no longer receive new offers to sign up and can spend their time searching for their ancestors.

2. International/US Icons: recently added icons that are located next to every database to show whether the content is U.S. or International. This change has made it easier for individuals to quickly see to which collection each database belongs.

3. Browsing: Browsing databases is much easier now with the new changes has implemented. Now individuals can browse by region, country, state, or collection.

4. Increased Search Speed: Search results are ten times faster now than they used to be at Individuals should be able to easily recognize this improvement and now perform more searches in the same amount of time.

5. Simplified Header: The header on each page has been simplified to improve the user experience. The header size has also been decreased to allow for the content to be displayed higher on the page.

If you have feedback on how to improve the user experience, please send it to

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