Success Story: Finding Success After 30 Years of Searching

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The following success story was submitted by a subscriber:

My story started when I was 3-6 years old. My Grandmother, Adeline (Addie) Briggs, Signor, Comstock, Mitchell, lived with us for a while, then left to go live in New Hampshire, and I was told she died there. But where???

Now that in the past 30 years, doing genealogy, I have been searching for her in every state we lived in, including NH, using all her names, (she outlived 3 husbands!). Since I am now the “oldest” and still searching using all three names, I now decided to go back to NH.

Christmas week this past year, 2007, I was at my computer and waiting for my youngest son and family to arrive. Having just started to subscribe to World Vital records, I got to the site, just put in her name, Adeline Mitchell, and up came 3 hits!!! I knew the first 2 didn’t match because of the birth dates, the 3rd one had NO birth date, but did have a death date, and it was between the date range I felt would be correct. Subtracting her birth date from the new found death date, I came up with the year I have of her birth!!!

I was so excited, and I saw on the info that I could check out Find-a-Grave, so I clicked on it, found a picture of the grave and was elated! Knowing that I wasn’t sure or done yet with the proof I wanted/needed, I took a chance and sent for the birth certificate in Concord, NH. My sister in Texas, another genealogist, was not sure it was our Grandmother, since she was younger than I, and never heard that NH was the place.

Lo and behold, when it arrived a few days later, there it was, with her mother’s maiden name on it!! What a Christmas gift to receive after 30 years of searching!! I can’t wait to go to Concord, NH, to see the gravesite. So, my advice, be patient and never give up! – Beryl Nulph

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