Wonderbase of the Week: 1.7 Million Records From British Origins, Eneclann, and Ryerson

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This week’s Wonderbase of the Week at WorldVitalRecords.com is a hodgepodge of excellent genealogical material containing 1.7 million records from three of our key partners: British Origins, Eneclann Ltd. New Publications, and the Ryerson Death Index. Click here to view the databases.

The databases from British Origins are the Militia Attestations Index, 1886-1910 and the Militia Attestations Index. Comprising nearly 100,000 names, these records are very valuable documents completed by applicants to join the militia regiments in England, Ireland and Scotland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These databases include very helpful information about applicants including birthplace, regiment in which the applicant served and reference material for finding the original record.

WorldVitalRecords.com is able to provide these indexes through a partnership with British Origins. British Origins was founded in 1997 and offers online access to materials of excellent genealogical data from England, Scotland and Ireland.

Another database being launched today is the Index of Irish Wills, 1484-1858 from Eneclann Ltd. New Publications. This database includes a comprehensive index to the Testamentary Records in the National Archives of Ireland (formerly the Public Record Office). Unlike other indexes of Irish Wills, this index has been digitally indexed. This database includes more than 100,000 names, and covers a time period and location that can often be extremely difficult to research.

Eneclann Ltd. New Publications is a Trinity College Dublin campus company providing a range of professional services in the historical, heritage, archive and records management sectors. They have several products available at their shop (http://www.eneclann.ie/Research/index.html).

The Ryerson Death Index is an index to death notices appearing in contemporary Australian newspapers, with a heavy emphasis on newspapers from New South Wales. The index contains 1.5 million names. It also includes some funeral notices, probate notices and obituaries. This index is created entirely by volunteers and will remain free on WorldVitalRecords.com even beyond the first ten days of its launch.

When users search the Ryerson Index on WorldVitalRecords.com, the search results will take them directly to the website for the Ryerson Index. There, the user can see the search fields at the top of the page with the results listed below. The Ryerson Index is free to access.

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