Wonderbase of the Week: 87 Databases From Genealogical Publishing Company

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Colonial Families of the United States of America

This week’s Wonderbase is a compilation of 87 databases provided by the Genealogical Publishing Company. These databases are excellent resources for people researching immigrants who came to America during its early colonial days and its infancy as a nation. There are also a number of resources for Ireland, Canada, Barbados, Germany and England.

One of the highlights of today’s Wonderbase is a seven-volume series titled Colonial Families of the United States of America. This series is an excellent resource for people researching families with roots in colonial America. The volumes list prominent colonial families and outlines details including dates and places for births, marriages and deaths as well as derivative family lines. The information included in these volumes can be particularly useful because it can give clues to more primary sources that might be available.

The Wonderbase also includes a three-volume series titled Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. These volumes are particularly interesting because they are a record of the day-to-day happenings of a certain area in Virginia where many Scotch-Irish settled. Within these commonplace occurrences are an extraordinary amount of names that might not be found elsewhere.

Barbados, West Indies

Another excellent series of databases included in the Wonderbase is Barbados Records. These six volumes cover baptisms, marriages, and wills and administrations from as early as 1637 up to 1800. These records are typed extractions from the originals and are immensely useful for anybody with ancestors who participated in the colonization of Barbados.

In addition to these three excellent series are numerous other volumes with thousands upon thousands of names. As always, these resources are fully indexed and searchable.

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