Success Story: SmallTownPapers Collection Adds Details To the Lives of Individuals

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The following excerpt was submitted by a member:

I love the newspapers database. Doing research for someone else’s family often makes it difficult to add real life to the otherwise boring vital details of birth, marriage and death. But finding articles in those SmallTownPapers® can really bring them to life.

Besides the obvious value of finding obituaries, how else would I have known that Uncle Gene broke his nose at a baseball game in high school, or that he had to miss the big town picnic because he came down with mumps right in the middle of hay season (and all along he thought his neck was stiff because he took a nap on a board)!

By using the SmallTownPapers collection, I am able to put “meat on the bones” so to speak, of families that are completely unknown to me. -Tami Glatz

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