Family Tree Magazine, Kids! Edition

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Cemetery with children

By Amanda Forson,

As a follow-up to last week’s genealogical activities for kids, this week we highlight Family Tree Magazine, Kids Edition. This online magazine involves children in genealogically-based activities, teaching at a younger age how to start. The basics are the same as for beginning adults, but written for a level that older children can understand.

General areas for activity use are Family Tree Fun, Family Detective, Junior Toolkit, and a Teachers and Parents section, all of which are geared to help begin teaching children how to do research and how to help with fundamental skill levels in the field.

Family Tree Fun focuses on projects that kids can do with little supervision. Primarily, it is crafts and word searches.

Family Detective focuses also on projects, but is more about developing skills that will help with future research, while making the activities more-geared toward real family history hunting.

Junior Toolkit is all about forms, charts, books, and the paper goods necessary to perform progressive research.

Teachers and Parents- This section aids the parent or teacher who wants to help kids interested in family history with forms, charts, websites, books, etc.

In general the Kids! Edition of the popular magazine should prove a useful resource for parents, teachers, and kids especially as it grows.

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