In-Depth Study of an Area

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By Amanda Forson,

This is meant to help you understand the historical and geographical context of the ancestor(s) in question.

Day One: Do a Google Search for a place of interest and relevance to your ancestors. Read websites and wiki articles having to do with this particular place.

Day Two: Look up books (travel, historical, genealogical, etc.) on the place of interest in your local library. Check out books that seem to be of interest.

Day Three: Start reading the books of interest you found at the library.

Day Four: Check the special collections section of college and university libraries in the area of interest for possible information on the particular ancestor or the time-period in which he or she lived.

Day Five: Search for periodicals published in the area in question.

Day Six: Search for historical societies and genealogical societies in the area to see what kind of information they have published on the families that are of interest.

Day Seven: Read through back issues of historical society magazines, if available.

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