Major Collection of the Week: 480 Databases From Godfrey Memorial Library

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The Major Collection this week at consists of 480 databases from the Godfrey Memorial Library. Trace your family’s roots with a plethora of pedigrees, family histories, biographies, memorials, and historical books.Highlights in this collection are the selections on Abraham Lincoln. Descendant or not, one will surely find his story interesting, from his early life (Abraham Lincoln, A History), political career and family life (Abe Lincoln’s Yarns and Stories), to the circumstances of his death (Assassination of Lincoln: A History of the Great Conspiracy).

Go way back into your family’s history by reading selections like Gleanings From the Parker Records, 1271-1893 and Genealogy of the Marsh Family : Outline For Five Generations of the Families of John of Salem, 1633.

Databases from the Major Collection are fully indexed, searchable and free for ten days.

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