30 Years of Naval Academy Records Online at WorldVitalRecords.com

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The major collection of the week has arrived just in time for Memorial Day and includes more than 30 years of Naval Academy content from E-Yearbook.com. This content will be free to access at WorldVitalRecords.com for ten days (until June 4, 2008). Click here to access the Naval Academy database.

The United States Naval Academy is a national institution established on October 10, 1845 to provide education for undergraduate students who are training to be naval officers. The Academy is located in Annapolis, Maryland, and is often referred to as “Annapolis,” “The Academy,” “The Boat School,” or “Canoe U.”

The official yearbook of the Naval Academy is called The Lucky Bag Yearbook. The content found in this yearbook can be found online at WorldVitalRecords.com under the Naval Academy – Lucky Bag Yearbook database. Although some of the collection is currently online, WorldVitalRecords.com plans to have the entire pre-1960 collection online by July 4, 2008. Each yearbook contains hundreds of pages consisting of thousands of midshipmens’ pictures with names.

“This is the first of several large military yearbook collections we will digitize in the coming months, which will eventually grow to include more than a million pictures with names. The Lucky Bag Yearbook collection provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of the midshipmen and the military leaders who have shaped the history of this country,” said Bryan Michael, President, E-Yearbook.com. “Browsing through this collection brings a unique historical perspective to one of the most revered institutions of our Armed Forces.”

The term Lucky Bag refers to the “lost and found” bag which sailors were able to search through when they returned from deployment. If they found personal articles they had lost, they were considered to be lucky.

The Navel Academy database is unique for a variety of reasons. First, it contains a complete list of all of the midshipmen who attended the academy. The database also provides interesting details about the midshipmen, such as their personalities, likes, dislikes, nicknames, what they were known for, as well as historical information. Many famous admirals, successful businessmen and politicians graduated from the Naval Academy and can be found in this database.

The Naval Academy collection is just one of several large service academy collections (U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, etc.) E-Yearbook.com will be scanning over the next few months. Each individual database will be announced when it comes online at WorldVitalRecords.com.

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  1. Joe Bell says:

    Doing family tree history research and I found a possible cousin that was a cadet at the Academy around 1997 – possible graduate for the class of 2001! Any on-line data research available would be greatly appriciated.

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