389 New Databases From Godfrey Memorial Library

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The Major Collection for this week is a set of 389 databases from the Godfrey Memorial Library. One hundred of these databases will be launched today, and the remaining 289 will be released during the rest of the week. Click here to access the Godfrey Memorial Library database.
The databases include books in the categories of correspondence, family histories, genealogies, biographies, memoirs, autobiographies, diaries and from extracts from diaries, and writings and works of famous people.

The family histories and genealogies include surnames such as Caspar, Clark, Harwood, Hoffman, Jacobs, Lemon, Morison, Morris, Nichols, Norris. Randall, Robinson, Safford, Setons, Silsbee, Tiley, Valentines, Van Pelt, Wanton, Weld, Whiting, Wingate, Wolcott, Woodside, Wright, and Yeager.

In the collection this week are autobiographies and biographies from Gerrit Smith, Leonard Wood, Naomi Norsworthy, John Murray, Silas Wright, Thurlow Weed, and Mary Washington.

Other works include diaries from Anna Green Winslow, Gideon Welles, John Woolman, and William Wheelwright.

Some memorials included in the collection are from the services of John White, George E. Spring, Nathanial White, David Wilber, Daniel Safford, Robert Winthrop, Orrin Welch, and Samuel Mills.

As always, these resources are fully indexed, searchable and free for ten days.

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