New South Wales and Norfolk Deaths Australia 1788 -1810 Index

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Cathy Dunn, Heritage and History consultant from New South Wales, Australia, compiled the New South Wales and Norfolk Deaths Australia 1788 – 1810 index.

“This database is a great resource for both family historians because of the diverse information that it contains,” said Cathy Dunn. “It is compiled from old family records, and is a consolidated list from references to deaths in primary records. I have included where known, shipping records and other references.”

Included in the database are the location, surname, first name, burial date and notes. Many of the notes contain rich information.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the notes:

“Convict Active 1791. Collins: The death of Mr. George Barrington who, for a long time, was in the situation of chief constable at Parramatta, ought to have been previously adverted to, as his decease took place some time before this period. During his residence in the colony, he had conducted himself with singular propriety of conduct; and, by his industry, had saved some money; but, for a considerable time previous to his death, he was in a state of insanity, and was constantly attended by a trusty person. The general opinion of those around him was, that he brought on this malady, so destructive to the majesty of man, by his serious and sorrowful reflexions on his former career of iniquity. His death, however, was that of a good man, and a sincere Christian. He expressed a very considerable degree of displeasure, when he was in a state of sanity, at his name being affixed to a narrative, which he knew only by report, as being about to be published, and which subsequently did appear, under a deceptious mask. Born as George WALDRON 14 May 1755 at Maynooth Co Kildare Ireland.”

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