British Isles Records Highlighting American Immigrants Now Online at

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This week’s Major Collection at consists of a total of more than 350 databases from Genealogical Publishing Company and Simmons Historical Publications containing immigrant records from the British Isles. Approximately 100 databases will be launched today (Monday), and the rest will be launched throughout the week.

A number of these databases will be included in the World Collection, and are focused primarily on people from the British Isles. A few of these titles include: a couple of volumes of The Famine Immigrants: Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851; The Early Germans of New Jersey; The Moravians of North Carolina; The Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands; Scots Heraldry; Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, Volume 2; Directory of Scots in the Carolinas, 1680-1830, Volume 1; The Register of New Netherland, 1626-1674; and Colonists from Scotland: Emigration to North America, 1707-1783.

Many of the databases from Genealogical Publishing Company highlight American immigrants and should be particularly helpful for researchers trying to trace their relatives “across the pond.”

The databases from Simmons Historical Publications focus primarily on Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina. Some of the databases include: several volumes of Graves County, Kentucky Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts and numerous other databases from Graves County; four volumes of Christian County, Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts; Davidson County, Tennessee Deeds, Volumes 1-6; and Northampton County Wills, Volumes 3-4. There are a large variety of records covered from various counties in those three states. These records are transcriptions and should be very helpful in tracking down primary sources to further your research.

In addition to all these databases, there are many more databases for both the U.S. Collection and the World Collection. As usual, the databases for the U.S. Collection will be free for ten days.

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  1. Richard corthine says:

    hi, i am Richard corthine from Suffolk in the uk. i just want a brief overview of the number of my forbears who emigrated to the US from mid eighteenth century onwards. I know of only one person, using corthine as his christian name [corthine morris] who died in Tennessee 1012. He possibly may have been of Heugonot heritage. Thankyou.

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