200,000 Passenger Names From British and Irish Ports Now Online at WorldVitalRecords.com

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This week’s Major Collection from British Origins features abstracts of the 1890 British and Irish passenger lists. These records, compiled by Peter Coldham directly from the original lists located at The National Archives, London, and augmented by Canadian and U.S. data, are now online at WorldVitalRecords.com (see press release for full description of data set).

Update on Militia Attestations Index, 1886-1910
Although the Militia Attestations Index, 1886-1910 was launched previously, this article contains additional information about the index.

Comprised of nearly 100,000 names, the Militia Attestations Index, 1886-1910 contains very valuable documents filled out by applicants to join the militia regiments in England, Ireland, and Scotland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Militia Attestations can be an important resource for genealogists and family historians. They were filled out at the time of recruitment and include the birth place, regiment in which the applicant served, and reference material for finding the original record. The databases from British Origins include more than 86,000 recruits to militias in Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, and Yorkshire, and in south and central Scotland.

“Militia attestation records provide descriptions of the people. For example, you can discover their eye and hair color, and even their weight. Where else can you get this kind of rich information?,” said Ian Galbraith, CEO, British Origins. “When you are building up a picture of your family, you have to use a multiplicity of resources. We try to bring attention to records such as the militia attestations that will provide individuals with a little more about their ancestors.”

Copies of the original militia attestations documents can be ordered online from The Origins Network. FamilyLink.com, Inc. partnered with British Origins in February 2008. British Origins was founded in 1997.

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