WebTree.com: Major New Family History Database is Live and Growing

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WebTree.com provides a free place online for families to store, share, and print heirloom-quality family history charts and graphs. WebTree.com (owned by FamilyLink.com, Inc.) began six weeks ago with the launch of a beta site.

During the six-week beta period (that ended in the beginning of August), more than ten million names and almost seven hundred GEDCOMs were uploaded to the site. This averages to approximately 250,000 names added per day.

Upcoming site features include the ability to edit information and change the display and output settings of each tree, photo links, research connection links between different trees based on ancestral relationships, printing features for family trees with pictures, the ability to embed family trees into blogs, and other features requested by users. Suggestions for the site can be sent to support@webtree.com.

An index of the GEDCOMs stored on WebTree.com will be available as part of free search results on WorldVitalRecords.com.

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