Roots, Branches, Trees and Forests

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By Yvette Arts, Director, Content Partnerships,, Inc. 

I can’t see the forest for all of the trees!

Millions of genealogy records are available via the Internet. And millions of people are searching those records for their ancestors. Where does one start to search for a James Wood or a Miho Won? And how can one be certain that the James Wood she finds is the James Wood that connects the branches on her family tree?

For the uninitiated seeker, one name from one place that closely fits the puzzle is picked up with satisfaction and placed on the tree. With all of the exploring and finding that goes on each day, many mistakes are unknowingly made. What can be done to increase the probability of a perfect match? And, can these records be layered with each other in such a way that results are quicker and more accurate? These are the types of questions we at are striving to answer. As we amass more data in tandem with technological advances, we are driven to find answers to these and many other questions. Right now we are working on new search tools to help make the discovery process easier for you.  As always, we invite your input as we strive to make our data site,, a better resource.

And as my colleague said to me this morning, “People pay for results.” And whether the historical records are offered for free or whether they come at a premium, people will pay for results either with their time or with their money.

We are committed to producing results. What this means to us is that the James Woods and Miho Wons of the world will be found and put on the right tree in “record” time. And this means that with the accelerated pace that we are working to provide these search features, all those individuals who are searching can more quickly locate their relatives.

So, when a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? You bet it does. And we will be there to hear it.

Yvette Arts is the Director of Content Acquisition at World Vital Records, Inc. Her vision for World Vital Records is to have it reach a global audience and influence the field of family history and genealogy in such a way as to make the “work” (and the tools for the work) bring meaning and life to the lives of those who are seeking and searching for their ancestors.

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