Social Genealogy Site Changes Name To

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You may have noticed recently that has changed its name to If you go to, you will be see a page that asks you to update your bookmarks/favorites, and also provides a link for you to go to is the exact same website as, the name has just changed.

For those who have never visited the site, is a free social networking site designed to help individuals collaborate on their family history with family members, friends, and local genealogists throughout the world. Currently there are more than 103,000 members on

Using, you can easily connect with other genealogists to find information on the surnames you are seeking. For example, type in the surname you are searching on the site and immediately receive access to all other genealogists on the site who are researching the same surname. You can also narrow your search to the people you want to find by distance, country, county, state, city, zip code, online status, experience, age, and more.

You can also search for researchers that live in or are researching a certain location. For example, after typing in the research location, search results display a city page that displays all the members who live within up to 100 miles from the research location. The search results also display those who are researching the same location. also has a feature that allows you to upload your family tree. Using the Family Tree Viewer, you can view up to twelve generations of your family tree. The pedigree files display in five formats: standard, compact, box, text, and ahnentafel.

Note: The former website,, should not be confused with, Inc., Inc. owns and operates a family of services that includes,,, and the We’re Related and My Family applications on Facebook.

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