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The 1871 UK census was continued the genealogical value of censuses due to using names, especially first and last, and in this census, including further value-added information of mental/physical condition of members of society that otherwise would not have been accounted for. Despite this listing, however, few people enumerated their relatives in this manner until later years when the categories were treated more sensitive phraseology. Click here to access the 1871 UK Census at

Questions Asked in the 1871 Census
Column 1- Schedule number
Column 2- Street name, name/number of house
Column 3- House
Column 4- Name and surname
Column 5- Relationship to head of family
Column 6- Marital status
Column 7- Ages listed with separate columns for males and females
Column 8- Profession, occupation, or rank
Column 9- Where born- county/place
Column 10- Whether deaf, dumb, blind, imbecile, idiot, or lunatic as designated by numbers

Why This Database is So Valuable 
Census records are valuable since they can tell you where a person lived at a certain place and time. Censuses were conducted by the federal government and will offer a variety of information, depending on year. Census records can answer questions like where your ancestors were living at the time the census was taken, who they were living with, what their occupations were, who their neighbors were, if they had any brothers and sisters, what their ages were at the time of the census and if they had any disabilities.

Next Steps
With the information you gain from these census records, you will have the information you need to search for vital records in the locality where you found your ancestor. Also, the fact that census returns are taken every ten years also allows you to track the movements of our ancestors through time as they perhaps move house, get married, have children or even change occupations.

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