Celebrate Family History Month

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Since September 26, 2001, October has been recognized as the Family History Month. This initiative was passed by unanimous consent from the Senate more than seven years ago.

Click here to read the press release from Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah that describes the bill which was passed to commemorate October as Family History Month.

There are many ways to celebrate Family History Month. Here are a few suggestions from WorldVitalRecords.com.

* Share a story with your children about your childhood. If you don’t have children, share a story with your spouse or parents.
* Encourage your children to write in a journal.
* Start writing your personal history.
* Record one of your relatives talking about his or her life.
* Add a new page to your scrapbook.
* Sort through and label your pictures.
* Ask one of your relatives for a family recipe. Make it and share it with your family.
* Start a family website.
* Perform some searches for your ancestors on WorldVitalRecords.com.
* Plan a family trip.
* Attend a family reunion.
* Write a letter to one of your relatives. If you are searching for some information on your family, ask for it. If you have done the research, share it.
* Watch a home video of your family. If you don’t have one, make one.
* Convert some old VHS or 8 mm to DVD. Make copies and share them with your family.
* Start or add to your family tree.
* Make a family calendar for Christmas that includes photos of your family and important dates.
* Visit a cemetery where one of your relatives is buried. Take pictures of the cemetery and upload them to Find A Grave (if the photo is not already there).
* Trace your family medical history.
* Make copies of important family documents. Put the copies in a safe place, and share them with other family. Making the copies digital and putting them online is also recommended.
* Tell a friend that it is family history month and send them these tips!

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