Uncovering The Legacy Pages

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One of the little known features on the WorldVitalRecords.com Web site is the Legacy Pages. Did you know that WorldVitalRecords.com used to be a reference site only, a few years before it became a subscription site? This old WorldVitalRecords.com site is still part of the current site, but the material in the site are referred to as “Legacy Pages.”

The Legacy Pages contain about 150 links to sites where you can find US state vital records, with notes that indicate the number of records on the site, the date range of the records, whether or not the site is free, and comments about what can be found on the site.

The Site Map contains links to virtually every important searchable database on our site as well as links to our Legacy Pages. You can access the Legacy Pages here: http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/site-map.aspx. Just click on that link and scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the words Legacy Pages.

Many of these pages were created for our original reference site. The Legacy Pages also contain links to historic timelines for many US states and several countries. These timelines contain information that can provide you with a historical context for when your ancestors lived. Your children may also find them helpful when doing history reports!

For example, the Montana timeline http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/montanatimeline.html starts at the 1740s when French explorers are believed to have explored the area. Before the white settlers arrived, Montana was the home to many Indian tribes. On the other hand, the Netherlands timeline http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/netherlandstimeline.html starts at 50 BC with Julius Caesar and extends to 2002.

Take the time to learn about the legacy of your ancestors. The Legacy Pages on WorldVitalRecords.com are completely free to access!

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