Genealogy is Like a Treasure Hunt

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For those of you who like to watch rightful heirs earn an inheritance, there is a show just for you titled The Wealth Hunters.

In a treasure hunt, most treasure hunters try to find the treasure. Heir Hunters International, America’s preeminent heir finding firm that produced The Wealth Hunters, starts with the treasure and try to find out to whom it belongs. Their job is to trace millions of unclaimed dollars back to their owners. They could be looking for you. Often, the Heir Hunter team uses genealogical research to hunt for these clues.

According to Heir Hunters, 8 out of 10 individuals of the general population have some stake in an asset–have some money coming to them. That asset may be an inheritance, the right to open a safety deposit box, etc.

The pilot episode of The Wealth Hunters aired last week. However, if you are interested in watching clips of the show, here are the links:

Heir Hunters International on Court TV Part 1
Heir Hunters International on Court TV Part 2
Heir Hunters International on Court TV Part 3

About Heir Hunters International
Heir Hunters International is a company whose purpose is to search the world over for those who could possibly have an interest in an asset. Heir Hunters International produced The Wealth Hunters.

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