Renowned Connecticut Town Vital Records Featured This Week

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Ten volumes from the Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records, one of the largest genealogical compilations ever published, will be posted online this week as our Major Collection. has already released 27 volumes of the 55-volume-set that covers 137 towns and includes 14,333 typed pages. The online version of this series is a result of’s partnership with Genealogical Publishing Company.

The ten databases to be released this week represent about 265,000 individuals. Entries are in alphabetical order by town and given name, date of event, names of parents (in the case of births and sometimes deaths), names of both spouses (in the case of marriages). Sometimes information such as age, occupation, and specific place of residence are included.

The full collection of vital records (from the early 1600s to about 1850) was the life work of General Lucius Barnes Barbour, Connecticut Examiner of Public Records from 1911 to 1934. The original records are housed at the Connecticut State Library in Hartford. In 2002,Genealogical Publishing Company. released the final volumes in the series.

Lorraine Cook White is the general editor, and she worked with compilers such as Carol Magnuson, Marsh Carbaugh, Wilma Moore, and the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society featured in this week’s release.

Barbour Databases to be released this week. These databases will be free for ten days from their release date:

­December 18–Preston = About 30,700 names.

­December 18–Middleton = Covers half of the records of the city of Middletown, Connecticut, from the mid-17th century. About 28,000 names.

December 19–Newton = Identifies about 26,500 residents of Newtown, North Branford, and North Haven.

December 19–Sherman = Includes the towns of Sherman and Simsbury. About 22,000 records.

December 22–Stamford = More than 200 years of vital records of the town/city of Stamford. References to about 30,500 persons.

December 22–Orange = Contains about 27,000 records for Orange, Oxford, and Plainfield.

December 23–Plymouth = Covers the Connecticut towns of Plymouth and Pomfret, and refers to some 30,500 persons.

December 23–Sterling = Includes Sterling and Stratford, Connecticut, and brings together vital references to more than 24,500 individuals (some are from the 17th century)

December 24–Portland = Covers the towns of Portland, Prospect, Redding, and Ridgefield. References to about 30,200 persons.

December 24–Weston = Vital records from the towns of Weston, Westport, and Willington. Compiled by the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society.
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