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Posted by on, a service of, Inc., recently added some new. For those of you who are new to, the site is an innovative and fun family tree building community with more than 12.8 million ancestor names. can also be accessed at Click here to view this database on (Note the database on WorldVital Records contains 10.5 million names. The rest of the names will be added during the next update from to is free to access and free to join.

The two new features that have been added include user community status updates with profile photos and graphical chart export. A description of each of these features is listed below.

User Community Status Updates with Profile Photos
Keep your fellow researchers up-to-date on what you’re doing with WebTree status updates. Status updates are designed to be short messages on “what you’re working on right now.” The updates are posted to the homepage at, allowing members of the community to track your progress on your latest brick wall. You can also add a profile photo to your user page at WebTree. To post an update, go to My Trees and click Update Status. Click on the picture to the right to add your profile photo.

Graphical Chart Export
You can export your beautiful chart creations as a graphic file that you can save or print. The chart export feature perfectly preserves all of the options you choose.  Just go to any chart and click the Export button on the top left. See a great example here: Chart Example

If you would like to learn more about,click here to read a press release.

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