“As of Today, Families are More Important Than Poker”

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Today Jason McGowan, product manager of We’re Related on Facebook said, “As of today, families are more important than poker.” What he was referring to was the fact that the We’re Related application has moved up to be the #6 most popular application on Facebook, by Most Active Users, surpassing the Texas HoldEm Poker application.

We’re Related was launched in October 2007 and is currently the most popular Facebook application for families, with more than 15 million users.

What is the purpose of We’re Related, and what is the connection to families? We’re Related allows you to keep up with your family, through photo sharing, a news feed, birthday reminders, etc. Using We’re Related, you can also build your family tree.  For example, more than 50 million relationships (of living people) have been defined on We’re Related. The most common relationship, by far, is “cousin, or cuz, or first cousin, or my cousin.” We’re Related is a free application on Facebook. It can be downloaded through Facebook  (http://apps.facebook.com/we_r_related), or by pasting the following link into your browser:


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