Just A Reminder of Some of the Features 30 Million People Are Using on We’re Related

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Yes, it’s true. This week We’re Related on Facebook reached the 30 million user milestone and is also the number four application (for most active users), out of more than 54,000 applications on Facebook.

Here are a few features you may want to try out on We’re Related.

Possible RelativesWe’re Related sends you an email to tell you how many possible relatives it has found for you. You simply click the link, and start looking at the list of potential family members…and even some family members you may not know yet.

Birthdays – Do you ever have trouble remembering the birthdays of your family members? Worry no more. We’re Related will keep track of those dates for you. You can even send one of your family members a virtual gift.

Private Wall – Do you have thoughts you want to share with just your family, and not with all of your friends on Facebook? Try out the Private Wall. Here only you and your family will see the messages, photos, and videos you post.

Photos – Here you can upload photos for your family to see. Get started now on your first family album. Enjoy the photos your family members have posted for your viewing pleasure as well.

Status Updates – This is the place where you can tell your family what you are up to. You can also see how your family members are connected to each other and help in the process of determining who is related to whom and how everyone is related. Nearly 200 million relationships have been defined using this feature.

Trees, Ancestors, and GEDCOMs – This feature will be working again soon. And when it does, be ready to get going on your family tree. Your ancestors will be happy that you are discovering who they are.

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