New Birth, Marriage, and Death Records and Maps From the UK

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The major collection this week includes fourteen United Kingdom databases from Anguline Research Archives. Eleven of the fourteen databases include birth, marriage, and death records. The remaining two databases contain maps from Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

Seventeenth Century Parish Register Transcripts Belonging to the Peculiar of Southbell (Available 3/5/2009)

Transcripts of various seventeenth century parish registers of twenty-four of the parishes which belong to the Peculiar of Southwell, Nottinghamshire. These transcripts were written on strips of parchment tied in one bundle and kept in the monument room at Southwell. They are obviously the remaining members of a much larger series of documents. Some of the transcripts are of an earlier time than the extant parish registers of the particular parish. Complete with indexes of names and places.

Morris & Co.’s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer of Ashton-Under-Lyne and District,
(Available 3/5/2009)

The entry for each of the places (Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Lancashire) includes a description, directory of clergy, gentry & private residents, alphabetical trades & professions directory, classified trades directory (for larger towns), post office & public information.

Leicestershire Maps (Available 3/5/2009)

A selection of 25 Ordnance Survey maps from the northern tip of Leicestershire and Southeast Nottinghamshire. The scale of the maps is six inches to the mile. These maps were surveyed between 1900 & 1920 and may contain revisions up to 1950. Includes a map of all of Leicestershire engraved by John Cary, published in 1805 showing the boundaries of the Hundreds of Leicestershire. Villages included: Ab Kettlby, Alverton, Aslockton, Old Dalby, Elton, Belvoir Castle, Bingham, Bottesford, Branston, Broughton, Colson Bassett, Croxton Park, Cropwell Bishop, Eaton, Elton, Eston, Flawborough, Harby, Hickling, Hose, Keyworth, Kilvington, Kinoulton, Knipton, Langar, Long Claswon, Normanton, Nether Broughton, Orston, Plungar, Redmile (part), Saltby, Scalford, Sproxton, Staunton in the Vale, Stanton on the Wolds, Stathern, Stonesby, Tythby, Waltham on the Wolds, Wartnaby, Wiverton Hall, Whatton, plus others.

The Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth in Horncastle (Free for ten days! - Available 3/6/2009)

This history of Wakefield Grammar School covers the first three hundred years of the school from its foundation in 1591. It includes the Statutes, Governors, Head Masters, Scholarships, and Register of Pupils. Complete with indexes of subjects, places, and persons.

The Register of all the Christenings, Marriages and Burials in the Parish of St.
Mary, Chislet in the County of Kent, 1538-1767
(Available 3/6/2009)

In the Parliamentary Returns of the answers respecting Parish Registers, made in the eleventh year of George IV, and ordered to be printed 14 February 1834,

The following books of Registers are described as then existing at Chistlet:  No. I, Baptisms 1562–1656; Burials 1562–1647; Marriages 1562–1645; Nos. II-IV, Baptisms and Burials, 1653–1765, Marriages 1653–1659, 1662, 1667, 1702, 1707, 1753; Nos. V, VI. Baptisms and Burials 1766–1812; and Nos. VII, VIII. Marriages 1754–1812.

Register of Pitchford (Available 3/6/2009)

Transcripts of the parish registers for the parish of Pitchford in Shropshire.  Covers the period 1558–1812. Complete with indexes of names and places.

Nottinghamshire Maps (Available 3/6/2009)

A selection of nineteen Ordnance Survey maps mainly of Nottinghamshire.

The scale of the maps is six inches to the mile. These maps were surveyed between 1900 and 1920 and may contain revisions up to 1950. Includes:  Nottingham, Colwick, Holme Pierrepoint, Burton Joyce,  Shelford, Stoke Bardolph, North Nottingham, Old Basford,  Arnold, Lambley, Calverton, Woodborough, Hucknall  Torkard, Greatworth, Helmond, Stuchbury, Thorpe Langton, Weston by Welland, Sutton Bassett, Ashley, Drayton, Medbourne, Bescaby, Asfordby, Saxelby, Welby, South Kilworth, Welford, Denton, Woolsthorpe, Goadby Marwood, Upper Broughton, Waltham Station, and Saltby.

The Parish Registers of Hove and Preston, 1538-1812 (Available 3/9/2009)

Transcripts of the parish registers for the parish of Hove in Sussex, and also for the parish of Preston in Sussex. These two parishes were united for 350 years, and only separated again on the resignation of the Vicar in 1878.

The Story of the Ancient Parochial Chapelry of S. Mary’s, Oldham (Available 3/9/2009)

This edition was printed at Oldham in 1906 by W. E. Clegg. Includes the history of the ancient chapel and chapelry, the fabric, the ornaments, vestments and furniture, the clergy, the register, and the church wardens.

The Register of Smethcote (Available 3/9/2009)

Transcripts of the parish registers for the parish of Smethcote, Shropshire.

Covers the period 1612–1812. Complete with indexes of places and names.

The Parish Registers of Crofton, York County, 1615-1812 (Available 3/10/2009)

Transcribed and edited by William Townsend. Transcripts of the parish registers for the parish of Crofton, Yorkshire. Complete with indexes of places and names.

The Handy Book of Parish Law (Available 3/11/2009)

A popular and practical statement of the most important portions of parochial law—that great system of local self-government which is the foundation of English freedom.

Written by W. A. Holdsworth. New and revised edition, published in 1886. Includes 35 chapters on many subjects including:  the parish church, constables, highways, sanitation, rates, poor law etc. A useful reference guide for local historians, genealogists, and students of law.

The Derby School Register, 1570-1901 (Available 3/11/2009)

This register of Derby School covers the years 1570–1901. In addition to the biographical details about the scholars it contains lists of prizewinners for the various years. There is also an index of names of pupils, and lists of masters and headmasters of the school.

The Registers of the Parish Church of Allerton Mauleverer County, York (Available 3/11/2009)

Covering the period 1557–1812. Complete with indexes of places and names. Transcribed by F. William Slingsby. Published in 1908.

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