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Privacy Policy, Removing Persons From Trees, Connecting Families, and Spending Money on We’re Related

The feature article this week is somewhat of a smorgasbord of questions and comments we have received about our We’re Related application this past week. The first section talks about the Privacy Policy at We’re Related. The second section deals with removing individuals from your family tree. The third section discusses how everyone, including baby boomers can use We’re Related to connect with their families. The fourth section pertains to spending money on We’re Related versus Here we go…

1. What is the privacy policy at We’re Related on Facebook?

Over this past week we have received several questions regarding the privacy policy at We’re Related. We recognize that some individuals are reluctant to post content to their tree because they do not want it to be viewed by everyone who is their friend on Facebook. At We’re Related we have been sensitive to these kinds of issues. If you are using We’re Related, you determine who your relatives are and who can
see the content you have uploaded to your tree. We’re Related’s privacy policy can be found at the following address:

2. How do I remove a person’s name from my family tree on We’re Related?

To remove a person’s name from the family tree on We’re Related, first you need to get them into a box with an edit button in the top, right-hand corner. If they are not already listed in a box, click on the individual’s name to put them in the box where you are working. Next, click on the edit button in the top, right-hand corner of the box. This will pull up a box where you can edit the individual’s information. There is a red delete button near the bottom.

3. Can everyone, including Baby Boomers, really use We’re Related to connect with their family?

The following comment was made by Bruce Christensen regarding We’re Related and
connecting families.

At 55, and with an empty nest, we have found that the social media has really blessed our lives. When our youngest left, we longed for the fun banter and conversation that had permeated our home for over 30-years. These electronic networks full of pictures and conversation have increased the memories and make us proud to be at this point in our life. We have even used some of our creativity to contribute to the conversation and assist others to connect in a meaningful way. Great tools like We’re Related and other family applications will continue to grow the ranks of Facebook with Baby Boomers like us.

To view the entire article on this topic at Paul Allen’s blog,
click here

4. Why does put money into We’re Related instead of
Recently we announced that received 2.85 million in Series B funding. As a result of this email, there has been some concern that is focusing more on We’re Related on Facebook than on

Here are some thoughts from CEO, Paul Allen:

  1. We aren’t putting money into social networking–it is putting profits into the company.
  2. We are using these profits to launch GenSeek and improve
  3. We have many more Major Collections coming soon from current and new content partners.
  4. We are recruiting a Chief Genealogist and a product manager to help us improve even more.

“We want all our subscribers to feel appreciated and listened to because without them and their feedback we won’t get this right. With their help, we’ll create something wonderful!” – Paul Allen, CEO,, Inc.

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