Celebrate Women’s History Month

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Who are some of the women in your family tree? Can you name your great-grandmother on your father’s side? What about the great-great-aunt on your mother’s side? Do you know what they did each day, or what they thought about as they raised their children?

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the women in your life and in history. According to About.com, the purpose of Women’s History Month is to “increase consciousness and knowledge of women’s history: to take one month of the year to remember the contributions of notable and ordinary women.”

To celebrate this occasion in your own home and increase awareness of some of your female ancestors, here are a few ideas:

1. With your family, trace the history of one of your female ancestor’s life on a map.
Here is  an example of this activity as outlined for the life of Anne Frank, a famous young woman in history.

Follow the timeline of famous dates in US women’s history and find the era in which one of your female ancestor’s lived. Read about what was happening in the lives of women when she was growing up.

3. Gather together the pictures, journal entries, newspaper clippings, pedigree charts, and other historical information on one of the women in your family tree and post this collection in your home on a bulletin board or on a family website where your family and friends can learn more about this woman who has contributed to your family.

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