New Databases From England, Scotland, and the United States

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By Whitney McGowan,, Inc.

The major collection this week includes nine databases from Anguline Research Archives containing content from England, Scotland, and the United States. Dates in these databases range from 1825 to 1910. Anguline Research Archives is an organization dedicated to bring rare books on CD at an affordable price, to the local history researcher and to the family history researcher.

Highways and Byways in Buckinghamshire (online 4/2/09)

Contemporary review-WORLD : “A thoroughly delightful little volume. Mr. Frederick L. Griggs contributes a copious series of delicately graceful illustrations.” Over 80 illustrations plus map. By Clement Shorter.

Loretto Register 1825 to 1925 (online 4/2/09) Free for 10 Days!

The registers of Scotland’s oldest boarding school, Loretto, contain biographical details about the scholars, including date of birth, listings of various sporting teams and competitions.

Highways and Byways in Hampshire (online 4/3/09)

This book is always popular with those having Hampshire ancestors. Published in 1919 it gives a tour around all of the towns and villages, with their history and antiquities, churches, and people. Absolutely fascinating reading, and great background information for your family history. Lots of excellent illustrations too. High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. A wealth of information and a snapshot in time. Contemporary review-WORLD: “Mr. Moutray Read has written a well-nigh perfect guide-book.” STANDARD: “In our judgment, as excellent and as a lively a book as has yet appeared in the Highways and Byways Series.”  Over 90 illustrations by Arthur B. Connor, plus map.

History of Richmond, Yorkshire (online 4/6/09)

Including a description of the castle, friary, Easby Abbey and other remains of antiquity in the neighbourhood.  By Christopher Clarkson. Printed by and for T. Bowman at the Albion Press.

The History of Four West Yorkshire Co-operatives (online 4/6/09) Free for 10 Days!

This database includes the following: 1) History of the Castleford Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., 1865–1915. By John Platt Jackson. Published in 1925.

2) Batley Co-operative Society Limited —A Brief History of the Society, 1867–1917. By W.H. Childe. Published in 1919.  3) Half a Century of Co-operation in Keighley, 1860–1910. By Jos. Rhodes. Published in 1911.  4) Fifty Years of Co-operation in Bingley—A Jubilee Record of the Bingley Industrial Co-operative Society Limited. By W. Hartley. Published in 1900.  Each book is full of fascinating information and illustrations.

Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time (1896) (online 4/7/09)

By P.H. Ditchfield. An account of local observances, festival customs, and ancient ceremonies surviving in Great Britain. Descriptions of the ancient folk-customs still being performed in villages across the British Isles.

The Annals of Wakefield House of Correction for three hundred years (online 4/7/09)

A fascinating history of the West Riding House of Correction (Wakefield Prison), one of the most important in England. Also includes notes of ancient prisons and obsolete punishments, particularly the Manorial Gaols and customs of Yorkshire; the County Prisons of York Castle, Northallerton, Beverley etc. and the Township Kidcotes of the West Riding. Embracing a general survey of the social and moral history of Yorkshire from the time of Queen Elizabeth I to the end of the reign of Queen Victoria. Complete with indexes of persons and places. By J. Horsfall Turner. Published in 1904.

England in Days of Old (online 4/8/09)

By William Andrews, published in 1897. An entertaining and instructive study of the social and domestic life in England in times past. Includes attractive line drawings

How to Decipher and Study Old Documents (online 4/8/09)

By E.E. Thoyts. Published in 1903. A guide to help the historian recognize and interpret the format and palaeography used in early records. Covers the handwriting and characteristics used in parish registers, manorial records, deeds, monastic charters etc. Illustrated with some examples. Also includes common abbreviations used.

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