Introducing Family Stream on We’re Related

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We’re Related on Facebook users may have noticed a simplified user interface with a new, “Family Stream” button . Family Stream is located on the top left hand side of your We’re Related toolbar, next to the Find Relatives feature.

What is Family Stream?

Family Stream allows you to quickly send messages to your family. First, click on the Family Stream button. Once you do, you will see a box that says, What’s Happening? Share with your whole family. All you need to do is type a message that you want to send to your family and click, Share. As soon as you click on that button, your family can immediately see your message. You don’t even need to refresh your page.

Using Family Stream you can also share links with your family. This button is titled Add Link. Once you click on these words, another box will open up that Know a good site? Share with your whole family. Simply type in the url you wish to share with your family members and click, Share.

Who will see the messages and links I post?

The only people who will see the messages and links you post are the individuals whom you have invited as your relatives. The messages and posts will not be uploaded to your regular Facebook profile. Thus, if you want to share a something with just your family, you can easily do it using Family Stream.

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