New Genealogical Publishing Company Content From Kentucky and Ohio

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This week’s major collection at includes new databases from
Genealogical Publishing Company. The databases include content from Kentucky and

Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865
(online 4/13/2009)
This is a valuable compilation of abstracts of marriage notices. Listed chronologically,
each entry gives the name of the bride and groom and the marriage date, and many
include the place of residence and parents’ names. The source of the information
is provided for each entry. About 8,000 names of brides and grooms are in the index.

National Society, Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century, Inc.: Lineage Book,
(online 4/10/2009)

National Society, Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century: Lineage Book, 1896-1999

(online 4/9/2009)

Membership in the National Society, Colonial Daughters of the
17th Century is based upon descent from 17th-century ancestors who imperiled their
lives and interests in various colonial wars from May 1607 to December 1699, and
rendered other distinguished services. Between its establishment in 1896 and the
year 1999, the Society published eleven lineage books of its membership.

The 1989 and 1999 Lineage Books are similar in arrangement, but their contents differ
owing to the passage of time. Both volumes are divided into two parts: (1) A list
of living members and their qualifying ancestors, followed by (2) Brief sketches
of the roughly 2,500 17th-century ancestors, with the names of living members of
the organization, if any, descended from them. Society members are identified by
city and state of residence at the time of publication. Information provided in
the ancestor sketches include one or more dates, something about the individual’s
military or other service, and town and colony inhabited. The contents of the two
books differ, of course, owing to the discovery of new ancestors, and because of
the deaths of some members and the enrollment of new ones over the decade in question.
Both books also feature historical essays about the organization and its founders,
the Society’s full-color insignia, lists of officers, and more. The 1999 book also
concludes with a glossary of terms found in the text.

If you have been stymied in your effort to trace your ancestry back to the 17th
century, this excellent two-volume set holds out a splendid new opportunity to do

“Second Census” of Kentucky 1800
(online 4/14/2009) Free
for Ten Days!

This “second census” of Kentucky is an alphabetical list of 32,000 taxpayers and
is based on original tax lists on file in the Kentucky Historical Society. Information
given includes the county of residence and the date of the tax list in which the
individual is listed. The genealogist finding a name of interest can then refer
to the tax list (all are on microfilm), where he or she will find such information
as the amount of land owned and its location, the number of individuals in various
categories attached to the household, and other background information.

Ohio Valley Genealogies
(online 4/15/2009)

The following databases from the Dundurn Group containing Canadian content were
launched this week, but are not included in the Major Collection:

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