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This week’s major collection at includes five new databases containing Geer’s Hartford City Directories for 1902, 1908, 1912-1913, and 1914. Geer’s Hartford City Directories come from Godfrey Memorial Library.

Geer’s Hartford City Directory, 1912- 1913 (online 4/16/2009)

Geer’s Hartford City Directory, August 1908 (online 4/17/2009)

Geer’s Hartford City Directory, July 1902 (online 4/20/2009) Free for Ten Days!

Geer’s Hartford City Directory, September 1913 (online 4/21/2009

Geer’s Hartford City Directory, September 1914 (online 4/22/2009)

These databases were originally compiled by Elihu Geer and published by the Hartford Steam Printing Co. There is more information given about Hartford in the Hartford City Directory than in any other publication of its kind in the world.

The following passage is quoted from an obituary about Elihu Green in 1887

“Elihu Geer, the founder of Geer’s Hartford City Directory, was born December 1st, 1817, in Lyme, Connecticut, while his parents were temporarily away from Hartford. He was apprenticed to the printing business with J. Hub- bard Welles, Hartford, Conn. In 1838 he bought out the business, and in 1841 purchased the copy-right of the directory, which he compiled, published and printed, from that year to the time of his death, which occurred on March 27th, 1887. He was more than an ordinary business man— the Directory more than an ordinary business venture. He grew up with Hartford; and his chief task was in recording with zealous pride and minute devotion the steps of its development from a village to a powerful provincial city. The first thin 18mo., a mere pamphlet, with 1,625 names, was published -when the famous old capital, though with two centuries of stirring history behind it, had but 10,000 souls, and hardly more than two straggling streets running parallel with the river, with a few lanes connecting them, and others running to the water. His last splendid octavo volume contained nearly 600 pages and 20,665 names; a third of it devoted to local, state and national statistics, when the city had nearly 50,000 inhabitants, and no student of ‘local history can even attempt to deal with its life for all these years without consulting first of all the vast mass of material collected and arranged by the publisher of this Directory, such as no similar work has ever attempted to present, for it greatly increased the expense of publication without materially increasing its profits, and was the product of disinterested pride in his work and affection for the city.”

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