New Genealogical Publishing Content Covering North Carolina, New York, and Virginia

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By Whitney McGowan,, Inc.

This week’s Major Collection includes new content from Virginia, North Carolina, and New York ranging from 1635–1851. The content comes from Genealogical Publishing Company and includes a family history, vital records, court records, and a directory. One of the databases, Marriages of Bertie County, North Carolina, 1762–1868, is free for ten days.

Lewis of Warner Hall: History of a Family (available 4/23/09)

The Lewis family of Warner Hall, York County, Virginia probably descends from Robert Lewis of Brecon, Wales who came to Virginia in 1635. This book traces his descendants in the male and female lines, and descents from other early Virginia families. The bulk of this work is concerned with Col. John Lewis and Francis Fielding and their descendants, Col. Charles Lewis and Mary Howell and their descendants, and Col. Robert Lewis and Jane Meriwether and their descendants, with much attention given to these related families: Ambler, Ball, Barret, Bowles, Bushrod, Byrd, Carter, Cobbs, Crawford, Eppes, Fauntleroy, Fielding, Griffin, Howell, Isham, Jefferson, Kennon, Marshall, Piersey, Ragland, Randolph, Taliaferro, Taylor, Thompson, Walker, Washington, Willis, Woodson, and Worsham.

Marriages of Bertie County, North Carolina, 1762–1868 (available 4/24/09) Free for Ten Days!

This work contains abstracts of all marriage bonds issued in Bertie County between 1762 and 1868. (Bonds dating from 1722, when the county was formed, are no longer extant.) The marriage records abstracted here are based on microfilm copies of the original bonds and on a microfilm copy of a register of marriages maintained from 1851 by the Register of Deeds at Windsor, the county seat. As is customary, the data is arranged throughout by the surname of the groom, and each entry provides the name of the bride, the date of the marriage bond or (after 1851) marriage license, and the names of clergymen, witnesses, and bondsmen. The name index at the back of the volume provides easy access to brides, witnesses, and bondsmen specified in the bonds. This work is an important contribution to North Carolina genealogy.

Marriages of Rutherford County, North Carolina, 1779–1868 (available 4/27/09)

This work has abstracts of all marriage bonds issued in Rutherford County from 1779 to 1868, when marriage bonds—as prerequisite for marriage—were discontinued. These records were abstracted, in the main, from a microfilm copy of the original marriage bonds on file at the State Archives in Raleigh—a few directly from bonds and licenses in the county courthouse in Rutherfordton—and they refer to some 12,500 persons, including bondsmen. The arrangement is alphabetical by the name of the groom, and each entry includes the name of the bride, the date of the bond, the name of the bondsman and, from 1851, the date of the actual marriage.

Landholders of Northeastern New York, 1739–1802 (available 4/28/09)

This work forms a directory of all participants in all land sales and mortgage agreements in northeastern New York between 1739 and 1802. The area covered includes all land within the present-day counties of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Warren, and Washington.

The first part identifies original grantees, persons awarded land in the area between 1739 and 1775, and provided is the date of award, name of grant, present town of grant’s location, acreage, and grantee’s name. The second part, and by far the largest, identifies about 9,000 landholders—grantees, grantors, mortgagees and mortgagors—whose land records were filed between 1772 and 1802 in the deed and mortgage books of Washington, Clinton, or Essex counties. In the various entries will be found the names of all persons engaged in land transactions, the date of the transaction, the place of residence of each of the principals, and the volume and page of the original source book.

An appendix furnishes the dates of organization of all of the towns formed in northeastern New York prior to 1803 and the population of these towns as of 1790 and 1800, and it lists by counties the numbers of deeds and mortgages filed in this region between 1772 and 1802.

Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York (available 4/29/09)

O’Callaghan’s Documentary History of the State of New-York, a four-volume work published 1849–1851, was strong in genealogical records of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. But this fine work was hard to use for it had no name index.

This present work has all of the genealogical records in the O’Callaghan work, but it adds a complete index of names. Prepared by Roseanne Conway, the index lists about 12,000 inhabitants of colonial New York–Dutch, English, and German.

The following is a representative selection of lists of inhabitants in the work: Male Inhabitants of Ulster County, 1689; Army List, 1700; Census of the Counties of Orange, Dutchess, and Albany, 1702, 1714, 1720; Census of the City of New York, 1703; Inhabitants of Hempstead, 1673; Inhabitants of Flushing, Southampton, and Southold, 1698; Long Island Rate Lists, 1675, 1676, 1683; Census of King’s County, 1698; King’s County Militia, 1715; the Palatines, 1710–1714; Inhabitants of New Rochelle (1710) and East Chester; Freeholders in Ulster County, 1728; Lists of Quakers and Moravians, 1755–1756; Miscellaneous Lists, 1738; and Inhabitants of Gloucester County, 1771.

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