Easily Share Photos With Your Family Using We’re Related on Facebook

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We’re Related on Facebook just added a new feature. Now you can upload photos to share with your friends and family. In addition to writing comments and sharing links you can now send a picture to your mother (if you didn’t send her one for Mother’s Day), or even share a photo with some of your second and third cousins. It’s easy using the Add Photos button on We’re Related.

The Add Photos button is located next to the Add Update button on the left and also the Find Relatives button on the right-hand side.

To add a photo:

  1. Click on Family Stream
  2. Click on Add Photos
  3. Click on Run (the application)
  4. Select the photo or photos you wish to upload
  5. Click upload
  6. When you see the Upload Complete button, click Okay

We’re Related on Facebook has nearly 40 million users. It is the No.1 social application for families. More than 150 million relationships have been created using We’re Related.

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