Take a Family History Vacation

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By Whitney McGowan, FamilyLink.com, Inc.

School will soon be out, and all the kids will soon be home. This summer, instead of taking your children to Disneyland, why not take them on a family history vacation?

Involve your children by helping them research where your ancestors lived. You could use a map and have them mark the cities and towns where your ancestors lived (their birth place, death place, and other places where they lived throughout their lives).

Next, you and your family can research online or at a library to find events or places you can visit in the areas where your ancestors lived. For example, you may want to take your family to a local museum to experience the ethnic and cultural background that existed there. You can also visit cemeteries and other landmarks. Your family history vacation should also include visits to living relatives if they are in the area where you are traveling.

You can still have a wonderful time without spending a lot of money. You may also want to have your children write a family history, or make or print out a family tree in preparation for your vacation.

Once you have chosen the places you will visit and are on the road, make sure to take plenty of photos, and even video of some of the places you visit. This way your family can create an album or a movie of its experience. You may also want to compare your photos with the photos you have of your ancestors.

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