We’re Related on Facebook Becomes One of the First Verified Applications

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PROVO, UT, May 21, 2009 – After more than a year of anticipation for verified applications, Facebook announced today its verified application program and We’re Related is one of the first verified apps.

“We are excited that We’re Related provides a trustworthy user experience and has become a verified application. Instead of wondering which of the 52,000 applications are good, users can now see a green check mark of approval from Facebook. We feel gratified to have that check mark by our name,” said Jason McGowan, Chief Social Officer, FamilyLink.com, Inc.

We’re Related on Facebook, the number four most popular application, and the number 1 social application for families, has an audience of more than 40 million people who have defined nearly 200 million family relationships using the application. We’re Related helps individuals stay in touch with their families by connecting them to their possible relatives, and also by sharing photos, news events, links, favorites lists, and more.

Facebook’s Application Verification Program is an optional program designed to provide applications with a way to stand out and to reassure users that the application will provide a good experience. Users of verified applications can feel confident that these applications strive to be transparent about how they work and how they respect social expectations between friends. Verified applications prominently appear in the Application Directory where a green check mark signals to users that an application has been verified.

The evaluation criteria to become a verified application includes meeting the guiding principles of trustworthy applications, complying with Facebook policies and verification expectations, following all Facebook Platform Terms and Policies, and using all of Facebook’s integration points  (e.g., user-to-user notifications) in the way they are intended to be used.


About FamilyLink.com, Inc.

FamilyLink.com, Inc. seeks to become the world’s leading social networking company for families. It was formed in 2006 by the original founding executive of Ancestry.com and MyFamily.com. The company operates several genealogy websites and has popular applications on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, and Friendster. FamilyLink.com, Inc. also operates the AdMazing ad network that helps high traffic family history and heritage sites monetize their audiences. The company currently has more than 200 million monthly page views and is growing by nearly 30% each month. Social media partners include Social Media, Cubics, Viximo, Appssavvy, and AdParlor. Genealogy partners include Everton, brightsolid, the Statute of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Legacy.com, FindAGrave.com, Godfrey Memorial Library, and FamilySearch.

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