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Please join us for our Monday evening GenWise Chat.

Monday, August 3, 8:00pm (MST) Genealogy Research & Resource Notebooks, Part 1
If you are among the majority of researchers who feel their information is in disarray, this discussion will guide you in the first steps of organization. Becoming organized is not an easy, one-step process. The important thing is to get started and organize your material in some way and SOON. Do you really want to spend an hour or two looking for a piece of paper that has suddenly become very important in your research?

Your hosts Jayne McCormick and Dae Powell
My name is Jayne McCormick. I live in the First State. I’ve been working on genealogy for at least 30 years. My family had put together a lot of information, but none of it was documented. I’m working on that.
I began to host a Civil War chat about 1995 in the old Golden Gate Genealogy Forum, and moved on through all the AOL changes. I joined Dae in GENTREK April 18, 2005.

I taught a beginner’s genealogy class at my local Senior Center, and now we get together once a month to ask questions and share stories.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Fort Delaware Society where I am the liason between the Society and the Volunteer Brigade who goes to Pea Patch Island and keeps the trail to the Heronry open. They take care of the garden, paint, anything that needs to be done.

This has been a fantastic journey.

This is Dae Powell, designer and operator of ShoeString I designed ShoeString Genealogy in order to share what I’ve learned with you and what I’m still learning. I designed GENTREK for the same reasons and to learn from the discussions the follow the presentations.

I’ve been researching my family’s history since 1972, but for the first 20 years my results were somewhat serendipitous. Once I studied what professionals do, which resources are trustworthy, and how to properly document my sources, I progressed more rapidly. It has been an odd odyssey.

Having been trained in research and analysis, I find those skills paramount in genealogy. I’ve extensive experience in English, Portuguese, Hebrew and German. (My Spanish is improving.) In the computer field I learned logic, flowcharting and procedural analysis. While an intelligence analyst, I learned to look at data from as many perspectives as possible. As a banker, I learned business acumen and financial strategies. My college education in history only whetted my appetite for the best parts of genealogy— the motivations, the customs, the stresses and the stories of our ancestors!

It will be so much fun sharing GENTREK here on Join us for some genealogical edu-tainment.

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