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First an apology for the lack of posts for the past few months.  I will see to it that we do better from here on out.

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Mark Olsen – Affiliate Manager and Business Development here at and World Vital Records.  I am also known as the OnlineGenGuy in the Genealogy World.  I have been involved in the online marketing scene for over 10 years and thoroughly enjoy helping others make money online through affiliate marketing, lead generation and social media.  I think affiliates sometimes get a bad rap as spammers but in fact they are doing a great service by helping businesses spread the word about their products and services – in return they can earn some really good money as a commissioned but nearly invisible sales force.

Mark Olsen

Mark Olsen

As far as my genealogy experience is concerned I feel a bit sheepish as I am lagging behind on what I should know having obtained a degree from BYU in 2006 – Family History with a Spanish emphasis.  I hope to correct that now and start practicing what I learned while at BYU.

As a Genealogist I have a problem.  I have inherited a PAF file of over 11,000 marriages and nearly 30,000 individuals.  My problem is that while most of these do have some sources attached they are not primary sources.  Most of the data has come through other people’s work which has not been verified or properly documented.

“Start with what you know”.
What I know – Me – My wife – my kids – our kids (Blended Family) Parents, Siblings, Grandparents and In Laws.  I will start from me and work my way back.  All the while I will be basing my research on gathering primary sources.  Without these primary sources I’ll end up with the same mess I am beginning with.  Regardless of how nicely my tree may appear to merge with another the only way I can do that is if I have solid proof for each merged individual. will be of great use to me as I go back and find sources.  In looking for the Birth information for my mom, who is still happily alive so I won’t name her, I can go to our New Card Catalog and quickly find the California Birth Index data from her birth  – and ta da – there is one source down – I did the same for the California Death index where in one fell swoop I found listed the Deaths of both my GrandFather – Jr. and my Great Grandfather – same name SR.  and again – two more sources down only a few more to go  ;)
Just a reminder here – when going through other family trees that seem to fit right into yours – you still need to prove the connection with primary sources.  To me it seems that my entire current tree is based on other’s research – I know that much of it is real – but not proven – so I clearly have my work cut out for me.
Wish me luck!  I will certainly need it.

About the newly released World Vital Records Card Catalog.
We are very excited to announce our new catalog and invite you to come give it a try.  Its now easier than ever to break down over 28,000 databases by category and narrow down your search to a specific locality, jurisdiction, time period etc.
When researching you may need these in order to find and narrow down a particular area of interest so as to lead you to the information you are searching for.
Give it a try at

New Card Catalog[/caption]

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