Paul Allen Analyzes Census Data to determine Google Plus User Counts

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How many Google+ users’s Paul Allen has been using Census Data to determine the growth of Google+ and a lot of people are talking about it.   A Google news search revealed 290 related articles in the past few days.  Using Census Data Paul has estimated that somewhere around 4.5 million Google Plus accounts now in use.   He is expected to release a new estimate today.

I asked Paul this morning if he was still expecting the 4.5 million and he just smiled and said it was now looking to be over 6 million – he’ll let us know.  I assume we’ll find out via his Google+ Account.

At FamilyLink we are very excited about Google Plus.   From creating Family and Surname circles to sharing Genealogy information via your posts much like a blog Google Plus is opening new doors to link Families together.

More Engagement

Paul Allen also sees much more engagement in Google Plus than in other social media worlds.  The reason – I have not asked him but I would imagine its due to the circles.  If I am working on planning an Olsen Family Reunion I can create a circle for this – Olsen Reunion – place all the right people in this circle – start the discussion and it stays within that group – on topic. There are no distractions as there would be in other realms.  In G+ we can stay on topic – have a video hangout – and work toward the reunion in a synchronized way.  Sure we may have tangents but the fact is everyone there is in the circle for the same reason

I for one am extremely excited that I can now put my wonderfully and random chatty nieces, nephews, and kids in their own circle which I can read or ignore at will and in the meantime have genealogists around the world in another circle where I can learn and share the latest and greatest Genealogy information – not mixing the two completely unrelated news streams – a wonderful thought indeed!

We invite you to follow the Google Plus accounts of  Paul Allen Mark Olsen Dan Lawyer Kari Harbath as we work to expand what we can do in the Family History world via Google Plus.

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  1. Paul Allen released his updated figure of 7 million last night and expects Google Plus to hit 10 Million today July 12th. See complete story at this link

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