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As of October 1, 2011 will be ad free!  Many thanks to our loyal subscribers and partners for your support. You have made it possible for World Vital Records to get to the point where we no longer need to bring in additional revenue through advertisements on the website.

In place of ads in the margins, we will utilize this space to bring research tools to our customers. Some tools you are already familiar with which are live on our site, and more such tools that we are working on now. Including, but not limited to:

  • Recent Searches
  • Popular Collections
  • Related Collections
  • And more to come….! is now home to a collection of over 4 billion names which make it a great resource for genealogy finds when you run into a brick wall. When you are looking for rich content to add to a family history or the historical context to help fill in the gaps look no further. Search for those missing genealogical records in the 4 billion names on our site. Our Tombstone, Newspaper, and Historical Map collections are growing by the day and are already some of our most impressive collections.

Again, thank you for your support.  We are listening to your suggestions and working hard to add content and valuable features to our site. We appreciate your partnership with us in this and aim to make your genealogy finds more meaningful and your experience more enjoyable each and every day.

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