Start today: Work on your to-do list

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Start today:  Work on your to-do list

A genealogy friend recently told me that – for several weeks – he has been busily scanning a pile of family photos. Collectively, his family has more than 10,000 images to be scanned and saved.

I just read an article indicating that it is not uncommon around the world for homes to burn down, and the surviving family reminisces about the lost quilts, mementos and, most importantly, family photos.

In another story yesterday, Kodak continues to revamp from the inside out as rolls of film and 35mm cameras have all but disappeared, forcing the company to rethink and rebuild to meet the current times.

As my wife and I worked this weekend to clean the house for my mother-in-law’s visit, I ran across a few rolls of old 35mm film. I was transported back to when I was a kid, waiting for my birthday gift – a camera.  Then I needed film – and had to pay for developing it – to record my friends, campouts, school events and more.

It’s amazing that we now have high-powered digital cameras built into our Smartphone.  I can take a photo and immediately post it to this blog.  I can record a video and do the same.  I can chat with friends around the world via Google Hangouts and Skype with my Smartphone.  The world has become smaller and our technology much smarter.

However, before we get too caught up in our Smartphones and today’s other gadgets, perhaps we need to take time to find our old rolls of film, and stacks of photos and scan and save them, before we regret not having done so.  Once we save all of them, we need to save those somewhere safe. Better yet, save them in the cloud.

We never know what each day will bring, or how much time we have left to scan, research or just spend time with family. So start today.

I am now working on adding photos to my tree – it takes time to find and scan them but its well worth it once I see them in my tree.  I have a lot of work to do!

Family Tree

Family Tree

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