Recap of the St. George Family History Expo

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St. George Family History Expo MyHeritage Booth

St. George Family History Expo MyHeritage Booth

The MyHeritage booth at the St. George (Utah) Family History Expo was a huge success. We heard many fascinating stories and met many amazing people during the two-day event. Some people were just starting out, although others had been researching for more than 20 years and just needed a little help.

Many attendees were eager to sign up to family-friendly MyHeritage because of its ability to help them share information with their relatives near and far – that’s what MyHeritage is all about! We are thankful to the people we met and helped.

At the event, Mark Olsen presented to classrooms of genealogists who were eager to learn more about MyHeritage and other social tools. He spoke about ways to use new technology to connect with relatives around the world and preserve family history.

Social technology is a hot topic in genealogy with many books written about these cutting-edge tools. The presentation on Hangouts attracted a full room of conference goers.

Relaying family moments captured and shared across the globe brought tears to the eyes of several attendees. There was a tangible excitement as Mark showed how online free social technology can be used to strengthen family bonds and further research.

St. George Family History Expo with MyHeritage

St. George Family History Expo with MyHeritage

No longer do a few hundred or a few thousand miles or more prevent you sharing holidays and other priceless moments with your extended family.

The end of the class brought a round of applause and pats on the back. As one attendee said “this was the best class of the entire conference.”   See a highlight video recap of the hangout here.

Attending the event with Mark were Tara McIntosh (QA department) and Hannah Schlesinger (customer service). The team was kept busy answering questions, presenting and mingling with the crowds.

Our focus was primarily on our customers, so we did not attend many full programs. However, we did see and hear portions of sessions during which presenters encouraged new family researchers to collaborate, network, learn and share to further their own projects and those of family and friends.

Thank you to everyone who attended our sessions and stopped by to say hello.

Tara McIntosh

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