NGS: Ohio – Gateway to the Western Frontier

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NGS 2012

NGS 2012 - Click image to learn more

The National Genealogical Society (NGS) will hold its annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 9-12.

The conference logo says much about the history of the United States.

The Ohio River – Gateway to the western frontier.

The Ohio River begins in Pennsylvania, flows through West Virginia, Kentucky, through Indiana and ends as it enters the great Mississippi River in Illinois – not too far from Missouri.  People from the northeast headed to the Ohio River to board steamboats that traveled the length of the river in more comfort (and faster) than those who traveled by foot, train, wagon.

Cincinnati – A gateway to the west

Cincinnati – a major city along the river -was also an historic part of the westward journey:

The Ohio River provided Cincinnati residents with numerous business opportunities. Hotels, restaurants, and taverns quickly opened to meet the needs of settlers traveling westward on the Ohio River. Steamboats were manufactured and repaired in the city. Farmers brought their crops to the city to send down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans, Louisiana, one of Ohio’s major markets.

Steamboats – Made in Cincinnati

The conference logo includes a steamboat – a major mode of transportation to the West. Cincinnati was where the boats were built and repaired for the river journey.

MyHeritage at NGS 2012

Daniel, Schelly, Mark

Daniel, Schelly, Mark

The MyHeritage team is not just going to the event, but to an important place in American history.

We’ll remember the river’s history, the city and the area that expanded the US from the original 13 colonies to 50 states – all of which are now in the recently-released 1940 Census.

Daniel Horowitz will speak at 11am on Thursday, May 10, in the GenTech Room on “Research Genealogical Resources in Israel from your Couch.”

MyHeritage will be demonstrating new features of its products:

  • 3-3.20pm on Wednesday, May 9, at Demonstration Stage A
  • 1-1.20pm on Friday, May 11, at Demonstration Stage B

MyHeritage NGS Official Bloggers

MyHeritage will be displaying at Booth NO. 430

Along with Daniel, Schelly and Mark are looking forward to greeting you at the event.

Schelly and Mark have been named Official Bloggers for NGS 2012!  We are very excited and will bring you great posts and images from the events.

We’ll help with your questions and demonstrate the latest MyHeritage tools, features and resources, ranging from the 1940 Census to our new searchable mobile app.

We look forward to seeing you!

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