Remembering 9/11

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As I type, the names of nearly 3,000 victims of the attack of September 11, 2001 are being read from the Ground Zero site in New York City.

I found out early on 9/11 that a plane had been flown into the World Trade Center.  Soon after I was shocked to watch as another plane hit the second tower.  My parents and family across the US watched and called each other as we discussed the tragic events.  As I watched the coverage a reporter felt a huge boom and shake as he reported from the Pentagon which was also hit by a plane.

The most shocking for me as I watched from Dallas was to see one of the busiest airports in the world fall silent for several days.  Usually clogged with air traffic, the skies over Dallas fell into an eerie silence as our nation tried to determine the safety of our travel and take precautions to avoid another such tragedy. The silence was deafening as I realized we were indeed under attack.

Now 11 years later many of our children do not remember the events of that day.  If you have not yet recorded your memories and reactions to this national tragedy – now is a good time to do so.   As the years pass our memories of that day will fade, we need to record them now before that happens.

It is wonderful to see pictures of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.  As time moves on we replace the hole left at Ground Zero and in our hearts with new hope and new buildings but never forget and honor the many heroes of that day.

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